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Myriad Development’s wholly-owned subsidiary, DisclosureSave, is a leading provider of Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports to the real estate industry. DisclosureSave launched in 1999, using the latest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to digitize map data. This GIS technology allows us to create an error-free environment where consistent and proven mapping of hazards can be applied, virtually eliminating human error from our process. provides the real estate community — buyers and sellers alike — with a single marketplace for ordering the critical services necessary for buying and selling residential real estate. aids in proper disclosure and protection of residential property that is for sale. The mission of the site is to offer a quick, simple and inexpensive solution to Natural Hazard Disclosure, Personal Lines Insurance Products, and Home Warranty. Each user can bundle these critical services into one transaction and interact with a single customer care representative. Unlike traditional mortgage and title underwriting systems and sites, focuses on the ancillary services critical to the home sales process that are often left up to the buyer or seller to navigate and order.